Glazing Cassettes for every budget

Our glazing cassette systems, including the industry leading TriSYS® glazing cassette and TriSYS® modern  glazing cassette, means you can install with confidence, knowing you are fitting the best.
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Our glazing cassettes are engineered for quick installation in a variety of door applications. They are manufactured with high-performance resin, so they need less long-term maintenance.

We offer 4 styles of Glazing Cassette.


The unique, market-leading TriSYS® three piece frame system. Simply screw together the outer frame and the inner cassette to hold the doorglass into place and snap on the inner frame.

TriSYS® - Features and benefits

The TriSYS® frame system, designed and exclusively manufactured by ODL Europe, is the market leading composite door glazing system. It’s packed with features that means you can install with confidence, knowing you are fitting the very best.

  • The Outer frame and inner cassette simply screw together to hold the door glass into place.
  • The inner frame then simply snaps on.
  • The innovative clip system eliminates screw hole covers, giving a more attractive finish.
  • No preparation, no adhesion promoter and no special primers.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Available in white, red, green, blue, black, grey, chartwell green, oak and rosewood.
  • Meets PAS24 and Secure by Design requirements.

TriSYS® Modern

The TriSYS® Modern is a sleek framing system that combines the unique fitting properties of the original TriSYS® three-part frame system with streamlined contemporary styling that’s perfect for modern doors.

TriSYS® Modern - Features and benefits

The TriSYS® Modern Frame System offers sleek, modern aesthetics without compromising on the performance, serviceability, and assembly convenience. Quite simply, it’s the next generation of glazing cassettes.

  • Sleek, low-profile aesthetic.
  • Subtle texture finish.
  • Unique easy-to-fit, three-part frame system.
  • Ease of glazing in both the vertical and horizontal positions.
  • Ease of de-glazing from the inside.
  • Available pre-sealed.
  • Available in 0808, 0836, 0848 and 0764 sizes.
  • Available in White, Black and Grey.
  • Meets PAS 24 and Secured by Design requirements.


Spotlights® contemporary glazing frames give your projects impact, while maintaining light and security.

Spotlights® - Features and benefits

The Spotlights® frame and glass system has been designed to provide the ultimate in design flexibility. Spotlights® can be used in a wide variety of combinations, whilst providing market-leading strength and high-quality security features.

  • Choice of five doorglass sizes and six glass options.
  • Textured grain based on authentic maple and birch tree grains.
  • Moulded and textured formulation works equally well for painting or staining.
  • Resists both warping and deformation from heat build-up.
  • The compression foam tape seal construction eliminates the difficulties associated with wet caulk products.
  • Seated screw-hole plugs allow for easy alignment and match the frame’s grain direction, resulting improved aesthetic finish.

Craftsman Framing System

The Craftsman framing system is designed with architectural style in mind. The broad flat-profile frame is designed to blend perfectly with the finishing details on the door.

Craftsman Framing System - Features and benefits

The Craftsman High Performance (HP®) cassette was developed for customers who do not want to paint or stain the frame and is acceptable for moderate heat areas.

  • Architecturally-correct profile to enhance the look of the Craftsman door style
  • Manufactured from SMC-GRP in a woodgrain finish
  • Screw fixed into the SecureDesign board
  • Supplied with colour matched screw hole covers
  • Dentil shelf available for true Craftsman door aesthetics

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